What are High Speed Doors?

High speed doors are made by many different manufacturers. Their doors are a combination of spiral shaped door guidance and flexible blades. These doors open at a speed of 4 m/s and look very similar to that of a shutter door. Find out more.

The blades run horizontally across the door and open and close in an upward and downward motion. You will find these doors in many industrial settings such as garages, police departments, and fire departments.

Benefits of High Speed Doors

One of the major benefits of high speed doors is the rate of speed at which they open and close.

Most of these doors are motorised to meet the high speeds and are very handy when leaving in a rush all the time.  See the advantages.

You would push a button to open the door, much like a garage door, and push another button to close it. There are many variants of these types of high speed doors.

What are Automatic Revolving Doors?

Automatic revolving doors are a prestigious feature of any building as they are highly elegant. They work to combat the loss of heat in the winter and heat gain during summer months.

These doors are suitable in areas that high traffic and where energy efficiency is important to the company that owns the building.

Benefits of Automatic Revolving Doors

The main benefit of revolving doors is that they can save money on heating and air. Manual doors will allow much more air to escape, leading to higher energy costs. Find out more.

Another benefit is that it improves access for many. Most people will have to let others go ahead of them when entering or exiting a building, however this means people can move all at once. Revolving doors allow for a constant stream.

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