Did you know that Norfolk landlords could benefit from the Green Deal Scheme?


Norfolk Landlords Could Benefit From ˜Green Deal Scheme Energy Law

The coalition government has published details of a number of new laws requesting both existing and new landlords throughout Norfolk and the rest of the country to complete energy efficiency improvements to their current rental property portfolio under the ˜Green Deal Scheme.

The ˜Green Deal Scheme was introduced at the end of 2010, with the idea that private contractors will complete the energy efficiency upgrades to the property without charging any fees upfront…  The idea being that the associated costs will be recouped through savings on energy bills in the future. Find out more here.

Chris Huhne, Energy & Climate Change Secretary for the coalition government, announced that the plans will be enforced from April 2016, with landlords in Norfolk and the UK then unable to decline what will be specified as ˜reasonable requests from their tenants and the local authority for energy efficiency upgrades. Huhne went on to detail that more than two hundred and fifty thousand of the worst insulated rented homes in the UK were categorised as ˜fuel poor meaning that their efficiency falls below the required standards, therefore the legislation should help to protect some of the UKs most poor homes.

Huhne summarised by saying that The Green Deal Scheme is a win win opportunity for landlords by removing the upfront cost of work to upgrade the property, making it cheaper to run, more environmentally friendly and ultimately more attractive to rent.

Looking at figures released by the government, nearly three quarters of a million buy-to-let properties will need improvements through the ˜Green Deal Scheme over the next seven years if the Landlords are to comply with these new laws so the race is on!


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