Decor advice for Norfolk landlords

Decor advice for Norfolk landlords

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Interior Decor Advice for Norfolk Landlords

As a landlord in Norfolk, there seems to often be a never-ending list of essential tasks and maintenance jobs that the properties need to keep them up to scratch. However, there can be a number of simple interior decor decisions that can help Norfolk landlords get off to a solid start!

Decorating a property can be a nightmare decision-making process: The wrong wall colours could put off a number of potential tenants. The tried and tested technique as a Landlord is that you have to get into the shoes of the prospective tenant looking for rented properties in Norfolk…

What do tenants want?

Tenants generally want a clean, tidy and well-maintained property that is neutrally decorated. It may sound conservative, but landlords rarely need to splash out with a top-of-the-range kitchen or the latest gadgets, just keep things simple, solid and clean at the end of the tenancy.

Each time a new tenant is due, a clean coat of paint in a few choice rooms is one of the most cost-effective ways of sprucing up a property.

Our recommendations for this would be to focus on the main living room / area and the entrance or hall as these create the biggest impression, as well as being rooms susceptible to chips and grime in the first place.

Features within a property, such as skylights, can really be the make or break for tenants. Rooflights are modern and is something more and more people are looking for – who can blame them? They add another dimension to the house. Click here to see what roof lights are available.

What do other landlords do?

From speaking to other Landlords in Norfolk and our own experiences, as a rule of thumb, the look of the Norfolk room and kitchen should be updated once every ten years at least. From what we see, Landlords who take a more active approach to interior decor and give things a little thought tend to send the right signals to their tenants.

This translates into tenants that are much more likely to stay in a property longer term, and more importantly is more amenable to rent increases when necessary.


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