How to deal with tenants who are causing a problem


Dealing With Problem Tenants As A Landlord In Norfolk

Becoming a landlord can be a very rewarding, enjoyable and hopefully profitable venture. However, from time to time landlords in Norfolk may encounter a tenant that is proving to be problematic. Click here for information about tenants rights.

Our quick guide covers a few of the essential processes you can follow to minimise any potential problems which may arise throughout the tenants stay… These are all preventative measures which can often avoid problems arising in the first place and are a great way to start off on the right foot:

  • Select your tenant carefully and dont rush into accepting just anyone “ Complete application forms, background and credit checks, essential references from previous employers and / or landlords all help to verify a reliable tenant.
  • Pay a visit to your property regularly* and resolve any maintenance problems quickly to avoid them becoming big issues.
  • Keep an active and updated inventory with photographic and dated proof.
  • Always try to maintain professional, good and open relations with your tenants.*
  • Keep accurate, dated records of any issues or potential issues affecting your property now or in the future.
  • Potential damage can be minimised by ensuring your decor and contents are both durable and built to withstand everyday use.
  • Consider using a Norfolk letting agent such as City Central to take the headache out of the paperwork and administration.
  • Consider using a rent guarantee or insurance scheme to ensure income each month, even if the tenant becomes problematic.
  • Set up an arrangement for the rent to be paid directly by standing order so that you know the payment date each month.

*Visiting and speaking to your tenants in Norfolk:

Even though issues such as non-payment of rent can be frustrating, as a landlord in Norfolk, be careful not to push your tenant for money or be tempted to change the locks or pay them a surprise visit etc. Doing these things could result in your tenants bringing a harassment claim against you as the landlord. Our advise would be to keep communication polite, professional and in writing so that everything is recorded and traceable.


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