Early Warning Signs Of Potentially Bad Norfolk Tenants

As with any problem in life, prevention is often much better than a cure! As a landlord in Norfolk, when letting out a property to a new tenant for the first time, there are a couple of options when it comes to finding that perfect tenant to match your property.

Firstly you can choose a letting agent, such as ourselves to manage the entire process for you “ This takes care of as much of the process as you like: It can either be simply an Introduction between yourself and the potential tenant, right through to our Full Norfolk Landlord Management Service which takes care of everything from preparation of the tenancy agreement to arranging for essential upkeep and repairs to leave you stress-free.

Secondly, you can choose to go it alone and manage the advertisements, introductions, upkeep and general arrangements yourself. For Landlords in Norfolk with much more free time and skills, this option can work well, however there are a whole number of potential pitfalls between advertising your property, and experiencing plain sailing throughout the tenancy period.

Many landlords find having their own personal checklist which they will run through alongside the interview and property viewing stages, helps them to avoid potentially problematic tenants. Depending on how comprehensive you want to be with this, these checks can range from a full credit and background / reference check, through to more personal things such as etiquette and punctuality “ Would you be confident in renting your property to someone who is often late and rude, or would you be worried that this would translate into late payments and potential arguments?

As landlord from Norfolk, we would love to hear what your thoughts are on this “ Do you insist on having only non-smokers as tenants, and can you be confident that they are telling the truth about their habit? Does someone who insists on haggling over the price make you think they will find it hard to pay you each month? Please leave your comments below “ You never know, we may even use some of them on our checklist!



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